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Accountability Call

Accountability Call

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Weekly Accountability call from the DP.COM Team. 

We know how incredible it is in business to upskill, undertake professional development and training in your business -right? 

But all too often the learnings, and the to do's get lost in the day to day of your business... 

The Accountability Call is the weekly nudge you need to keep you on track to your goals, formulated for individuals who have been working with Darren Pratley at a business/ training delivery level, the accountability call is one on one support to keep you implementing the learnings and staying accountable to the goals you have set for yourself. 

This accountability call happens once a week (normally Friday before midday) and ensures you are getting pushed in the right direction and keeping momentum in your business. 

Keeping in regular contact with you, so that we can personalise accountability and implementation practices and keep progression in your business. 

Accountability is the fact of being responsible or what you do & say you will do. 

Please note there is a minimum of 4 accountability calls (ie one month of weekly calls ) in this subscription


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