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Its all very well to read about how Darren can deliver change, or create results in your business....but we know that it is vital to hear from clients who have been part of Darren's programs or events to get a real understanding.

Take a look at some written & video testimonials below.

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Lester de Vere - ABC Business Sales

“Yeah whatever…”
So there I was, sitting at the front of the first lecture supplied by the company, to learn about how I should be presenting myself and reviewing the structures of what I present!
Yeah… whatever, I’ve been in sales ALL MY LIFE and I know a rar rar phony when I see one.

SO, now we’re at lecture number four… the integrity and authenticity of Darren along with
his message has gone through the roof, my awareness of my accountability to myself has
been drilled into place
and the change in mindset has become real, why?... because Darren has understood where my personal headspace has been, and where it needs to be, almost intuitively.
Without doubt, I wasn’t willingly open to change… but in hindsight realise that without it, personal goals were never going to be achievable. THAT belief is now history, Darren is THE
sole reason,
and my wife can’t thank him enough for the effect this has on our lives.

Lester de Vere
ABC Business Sales


Highly recommend Darren Pratley’s training if you are looking for a motivated coach to supercharge your business and go up a notch.

Darren will go through sections of your business, working with you to enhance each area and before you know it they will start working together in sync like clockwork. .

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  • Deb Talbot-King

    As a new agent, I have been fortunate to have the invaluable opportunity to learn from the Master- Darren Pratley. Darren works with you to effectively implement your own plan and strategies, highlighting the importance of delivering your 5 key skills and point of difference, building your brand, to be knowledgeable and professional, - the right direction to success -It’s just down to ourselves to implement his valuable information and guidance.   Thank you Darren.

  • CL - Real Estate Branch Owner

    I initially got Darren to come into our real estate office to deliver a very specific presentation to our team, I knew probably within the first 5 minutes that we would be working with him for a long time to come...our market share has gone from 22% to 63% in our area and my team haven't taken their foot off the gas since!

  • Kelly - Harcourts Cooper & Co

    Darren has been fantastic…he has a fresh logical approach, he is a breath of fresh air, not to mention a powerhouse of information! He has helped drill down on the key areas and as a result of fine tuning my listing presentation. 

    I can’t speak highly enough of Darren, he packs so much into the sessions and takes you out of your comfort zone continuously until you are comfortable! I’ve never been bored once during his sessions, and never once not wanted to go… I will miss him!

2022 Speaker of The Year

Certified Speaking Professional

Tactical Strategist & Business Consultant


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