Why work with Darren Pratley & INK Consulting?



Why Work With Darren Pratley?

You NEED Forward Momentum In Your Business

If your business has stalled, is feeling stale, tired and stuck - then you need a strategy to encourage forward momentum - and fast, because if you aren't moving forward, you will be left behind.

Its Time For Some Perspective

Rather than surrounding yourself with people who aren't willing to challenge you - Darren WILL ask you the hard questions and give you an alternative perspective from which to view your next moves.


Its time you got excited again - and this only comes from challenging yourself and the status quo in your business.


Being at the top of the food chain in your business can be ultimately rewarding...but if you lose accountability the only place to go is down.

Darren works with businesses to stay accountable to the goals & strategy you have worked together to define.

Accountability is the catalyst for results.


You are tired of just 'lip service' you want & need to see results & are willing to put in the work to achieve them!

HOW DO I HELP...REALLY? How I create results & change with my clients

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