Keeping Energy Levels HIGH

Keeping Energy Levels HIGH

2020 has been tough. 

On one hand it's hard to believe we are already in December, and on the other hand it feels like it was many moons ago we all locked down for four plus weeks! 

Well here we are in the home stretch and now is the time, where if we are not careful, the wheels can easily come off. 

Long lunches lead to unproductive afternoons, and the classic ‘ we’ll wait till after Christmas’ line begins to rear its ugly head. 

I liken December to the last 10k in a marathon….your body is screaming, your feet are tired and you just want to stop… am I right?

Just like running a marathon - now is not the time to give up and let all that training and hard work disappear when you are so close to the finish line…

It is time to dig deep into those energy reserves, and go back to basics 

In a marathon this is, focus, one foot in front of the other, breathing and let's be honest some serious grit and affirmation (just one more KM!) 

In business it isn't a whole lot different... time to focus, go back to the #consistency goals that you set yourself at the beginning of the year. 

Make sure you are staying #accountable to yourself and your team. 

continue to #implement - December is the time planning for the year ahead is sometimes a lot more attractive than DOING...

It is certainly not the time to let go of your #10calls a day ( this strategy keeps you limber for your next marathon!) 

And stay energetic - your clients will appreciate it! 

If you need help with #consistency, #accountability #energy and #10calls a day strategy in the year to come, make sure you check back here…..our newest online course NEW YEAR STRATEGIC PLANNER is about to drop and it has got a whole lot of amazing insights and strategies to help you set up for the best 2021! 


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