Covid Continuity - How To

Covid Continuity - How To

First and foremost accept that change is inevitable during this time. 

As the business market continues to be challenged by the yoyo effect from Covid lockdowns, it is critical we keep ourselves and our teams engaged and focused on the key things that will keep them productive over this period. 
1. Focus on supporting your community - with the Covid limitations being applied, taking interest and supporting your community is key right now.
2. Encourage digital flexibility - business is still being transacted - just in different ways - digital signatures, zoom meetings, trainings, auctions, database analytics, digital marketing etc.  Make sure your team is being encouraged to keep learning and developing their electronic skills and services.
3. 10 calls a day are so important right now - don't miss a day and lock in an hour to connect with your valuable clients.  (talk to Darren about the best scripts  to 
    use here)
4. Market share can be gained or lost at this time - we need to implement a strategy of gain using key marketing messages to the community and focus on 
    our client support in challenging times. 

Some of my clients have made these key insights themselves that are great to share:

1. I need to really focus on my activity to increase personal productivity
2. Time is a very precious resource and I need to plan better on how I use it.
3. Industry knowledge & your skill-set create real value.  Using these, you need to build an advice-based sales model.
4.My clients are my business and I don't know them well enough.  I need to talk with them, not at them.
5. I need to embrace & learn about technology more, using it to connect with more clients and help my business grow.

Above all - keep moving forward, if you need assistance during this time -reach out!

Strategically getting you through changing and challenging times is what I do!


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