Regardless of industry, every business needs to take on new challenges or tackle entrenched issues from time to time. It could be moving off a sales plateau and breaking through to a higher level of success. It might involve re-tooling processes to operate more productively. It could mean unleashing the talents of your team to achieve more.

All these challenges involve transformation. A shift in mindset, or bedding in new systems and processes, can be hard to achieve when you’re focusing on the day-to-day.

The solution is simple: bring in proven expertise from outside that created change and demands engagement.

Darren Pratley is a proven circuit breaker. With over 25 years’ experience running business and delivering transformational programmes, he has the perspective and skills you need. Meet with Darren to discuss your goals, he will help you formulate a plan, develop great content, and make sure it’s delivered.


Real Estate

The Industry is Changing 

Understand how the industry is changing and how to take advantage of this change.  We must keep our businesses moving forward and developing to stay ahead.  Darren works with many businesses around New Zealand creating expert insights and unique processes.

SWOT your business and the industry 

Darren takes the popular SWOT analysis and reshapes it to provide key insights into your business show the important areas of your business to develop and reduce business risk.

Your A4 Business Plan 

Having a business plan that it's simple and on one A4 piece of paper makes any business more focused and efficient.  Darren focuses the team on their one page plan that works for them and builds in accountabiilty.

The Trusted Advisor

Customers of today are looking for those sales Professionals that not only can get the job done, but provide the trust advice that ensure that the customer gets exactly what they need

Key prospecting skills for more success 

Darren's focus on creating practical skill development helps teams feel more confident in prospecting for new business

Time management for sales teams

We all know that managing time is impossible. It continues to tick by every moment of every day.  Darren brings some key skills and strategies to improve your team's use of time and taking control of the busyness.

Stepping up your listing presentation 

The listing presentation is one of the most important skills for any real estate professional.  Because the industry is changing so fast the quality of the presentation must be cutting edge.

8 key tools for your listing presentation

Darren has identified 8 key components to a successful listing presentation.  He will take your team through the 8,  giving practical examples of how they can be applied and included in your current presentation.

Build your brand 

A successful Real Estate salesperson now commands a strong personal brand in association with their company brand to be successful.  Darren will help you identify how to build your brand and some common pitfalls to avoid.

Overcoming objections

One of the key skills for any salesperson is the ability to overcome ojections.  Through the years of industry experience, Darren provides key insights into handling common objections and how to practice them for perfect delivery.

Negotiation - 5 skills that need your practise 

Getting a deal together is so important for the client and also the agents' paycheck. Darren gives you some proven negotiation strategies and practical examples that you can begin to employ in your business for closing success

Advanced phone skills

This session is all about creating an advanced approach to prospecting and using the phone.  Insights, mindset and practise allows the team to really step up their skills

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