30min Covid Zoom Session - 5 Implementations for Lockdown

$99.00 $495.00

As the business market continues to be challenged by the yoyo effect from Covid lockdowns, it is critical we keep ourselves and our teams engaged and focused on the key things that will keep us productive over this period, however long it might be.

This is a 30min ZOOM session with Darren Pratley, and an investment in your business. 

Contrary to our worries and beliefs in March/April 2020  the actual reality of a post lockdown world in New Zealand  was:  

*More Sales (meaning YOU were busier than ever!) 
*Higher Values of our Biggest Assets (homeowners - our net worth increased! ) 
*More Demand for Product & Services  (Consumers have consumed  and shown us what they want more of!)
*Lower Unemployment (More security & confidence  in everyday people !) 

This ZOOM Session (currently openings on Tuesday 24th August 2021) is an investment in your business, you will walk away with 5 Implementations for Lockdown  which you can begin right away to position yourself in the starting blocks to capitalise on opportunities as the alert levels go down. 

On purchase of this product, you will receive a digital download, containing links to a pre session questionnaire and the booking calendar for the 24th August 2021 - pease download this and follow the instructions.  

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