LEADERSHIP in Sales 2.0

Regardless of industry, every business needs to take on new challenges or tackle entrenched issues from time to time. It could be moving off a sales plateau and breaking through to a higher level of success. It might involve re-tooling processes to operate more productively. It could mean unleashing the talents of your team to achieve more.

All these challenges involve transformation. A shift in mindset, or bedding in new systems and processes, can be hard to achieve when you’re focusing on the day-to-day.

The solution is simple: bring in proven expertise from outside that created change and demands engagement.

Darren Pratley is a proven circuit breaker. With over 25 years’ experience running business and delivering transformational programmes, he has the perspective and skills you need. Meet with Darren to discuss your goals, he will help you formulate a plan, develop great content, and make sure it’s delivered.

Bringing Service definition and sales opportunity to 2021

Define your minimum standards of service and how your team can deliver them.

Setting the teams step up plan for greater success

Build a refreshing plan to grow the business results and bring team engagement to a new level.

Accountability planning

As a sales manager we have to develop our style and ensure we hold our team to account.  Whats your system and are we implementing it!

Having the tough conversations

Sales managers can struggle with having the tough conversation with the team especially 

if its tough news or confronting issues.  Lets practise our scripts and processes 

Team assessment (DiSC & Performance analysis)

This assessment tool is a great way to gain valuable insights and then create a plan to evolve your team for greater success.

Sales meeting development, planning and implementation

Support the management team to develop the next quarters plan for greater success and a business step up.

One on one discussions

Give the management team support and practise having the hard discussions and stepping the business forward following great HR policies and procedures

Recruitment with success in mind

Develop your sales managers skills in finding candidates then talking & interviewing with the idea of recruitment with performance in mind.

How to be an attraction business and a business to stay with. 

3 great sessions to help the management team get feedback and build change in the business to support engagement, innovation and change in your team.

Investment and Profitability - Most important words in business

2 sessions focused on the tough assessment of the business performance and creating discussion and analysis.  The key aim is to set the new course and identify the areas of change needed.

Annual business performance planning

An annual business planning 2 days that provides for a full business review day and then the building of the plan for the year ahead.  Pre work is critical for this event.


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