Regardless of industry, every business needs to take on new challenges or tackle entrenched issues from time to time. It could be moving off a sales plateau and breaking through to a higher level of success. It might involve re-tooling processes to operate more productively. It could mean unleashing the talents of your team to achieve more.

All these challenges involve transformation. A shift in mindset, or bedding in new systems and processes, can be hard to achieve when you’re focusing on the day-to-day.

The solution is simple: bring in proven expertise from outside that created change and demands engagement.

Darren Pratley is a proven circuit breaker. With over 25 years’ experience running business and delivering transformational programmes, he has the perspective and skills you need. Meet with Darren to discuss your goals, he will help you formulate a plan, develop great content, and make sure it’s delivered.


Financial Services 

The industry is changing 

With the evolution of regulation and our customer profile we need to constantly position our business and our connection with our customers.  This session will get your team thinking about how they link with a client and how they build long term relationships creating business value.

Becoming the Trusted advisor

Trust is the key to building longer term clients relationships.  We need to understand the proven trust model and ensure we implement key aspects to create and earn trust,

Prospecting as an advisor

The world of prospecting over the years has changed dramatically with the need for a new and engaging process that connects clients with options and opportunity.  Darren will help your team build a prospecting plan and then help build some clear accountability.  Results is key.

Building Customer Experience

This session is for team or organisations that are looking to ensure they provide a market leading experience for clients now and in the future,  Who are your clients and what do they really want?


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